2022 Membership Fees

As an Annual Golf Member at Tagalong Golf you will not only enjoy unlimited rounds of golf over the course of the year, you will also receive the following benefits: ● 30-day advance tee times ● May golf anytime / any day of the week ● 20% discount on clothing in the Pro Shop

All fees include state sales tax of 5.5%

Before December 25th After December 25th

Single Membership $744.00 $844.00

Married Couple Membership $1121.00 $1221.00

Family Membership $1230.00 $1330.00

17 & Under Membership $249.00 $299.00

Annual ½ Cart Rental $515.00 $565.00

Couple Cart Rental $748.00 $798.00

Annual Trail Fee $313.00 $363.00

For additional information please contact: Kelly - kelly@tagalonggolf.com or Natalie - natalie@tagalonggolf.com Tagalong Golf 715-354-3458 P.O. Box 337 Birchwood, Wisconsin 54817

Membership Contact Details:

Primary Address: _________________________City_______________State_____Zip___

Member 1 _______________________________________Phone#__________

Email address________________________________________Birthdate*______

Member 2 _______________________________________Phone#____________

Email address________________________________________Birthdate*_______

Member 3_______________________________________Phone #_____

Email address________________________________________Birthdate*______

*Birthdate required for 17 & Under Memberships Please enclose your completed Fee Schedule and Membership Contact Details form along with your check payable to: Tagalong Golf P. O. Box 337 Birchwood, WI 54817 -- Checks are preferred - THANK YOU --

If you need to pay with a credit card, please include your credit card information below:

Type of card_________Card #______________________________________________ Name on card___________________________________Expiration Date_________ CVC______

Refund Policy: Full or partial refunds considered on an individual basis by Tagalong Management.